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Baseball Programs

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The Philosophy of the Baseball Programs is to ensure that all participants have an opportunity to develop baseball skills in a competitive environment with an emphasis on fundamentals and having fun.

All teams will participate in a competitive baseball league along with selected baseball tournaments. Each team member will be provided with the opportunity to improve skills through positive reinforcement and constructive baseball instruction.

The goal at all levels is to improve, advance and for each participant to continue to play in the years to come. 

The BHM Buckeyes 5-day Virtual Baseball Camp is now available for players ages 6-18.

The camp provides players with an opportunity to participate in a 5-day structured baseball camp while staying at home and following the COVID-19 guidelines that are currently in place.

This camp is designed for one player or a small group and can take place in a backyard, garage, driveway or field. Each day of camp has specific drills/techniques associated with playing the game of baseball that are discussed and demonstrated through more than 50 videos.

Click the “Play Ball” link below for more information and to register for the BHM Buckeyes Virtual Baseball Camp!

For more information, contact Jay Murphy, Director of Baseball Activities @ 216.978.8168 or jay@baseballheritagemuseum.org.

Play Ball!!

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